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Accredited Course in Health HIV and Hepatitis C Test Advisor

In accordance with the Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, anyone who provides HIV test information and counselling, who is not a medical practitioner, must be accredited through the Department of Health. The hepatitis C antibody test also presents specific information and advice issues.

Morgan Alexander Consulting offers a 4 day accreditation program designed to equip workers with the appropriate knowledge and skills to engage in pre and post HIV and Hepatitis C antibody test discussion, and prevention education, in a range of settings.

Successful completion of the course will lead to accreditation through Swinburne University and by the Department of Health. This course is an accredited program 22056 VIC and incorporates the unit of competency VU20127: Provide information and support to clients before and after testing for HIV and other blood-borne viruses.

Heather Morgan & Alex Nikolovski facilitate the workshops. Guest speakers and consultants are used to present specialist topics.

Course Objectives

Essential knowledge relating to HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis C and B, including epidemiology, transmission, prevention and treatment;

How to take an appropriate sexual history;

An overview of the HIV & Hepatitis C antibody test including; interpretation of the result and available testing procedures;

Safer sex practices, safer injecting practices and influencing factors;

The process of pre test advice and the skills required;

The process of post test advice, the possible emotional responses to a positive result, and appropriate interventions;

Identifying when referral may be necessary and the network of services available;

Knowledge of legal and confidentiality issues associated with HIV & Hepatitis C.

Course Times

2013 dates to be announced.

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