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We provide training about HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Infections through programs in your workplace. We can arrange training specifically tailored for your individual workforce or targeted communities. Often workers have very little access to accurate information about Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS and value the opportunity to be kept up to date. We can address confusion about HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C, sort out the facts from the myths, and do so in terms that are easy for everyone to understand, and to pass on to others.

We can design and facilitate workshops or special group meetings. We have the skills to facilitate an impartial and structured process to deal with issues of concern and develop practical applications to deal with them. We can deliver team workshops, which provide direction, participant buy in, tangible outcomes and enhanced performance. We can work with you to design and deliver an engaging, motivating, relevant and outcome-focused workshop.

We are experienced in the development and delivery of unique training solutions based upon accredited training packages, primarily within the Community Services Training framework, to meet your needs. We possess a sound knowledge of the VET (Vocational Education and Training) sector and we both possess the TAA4014 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. We have extensive practical experience in developing teaching strategies and assessment methods to meet the needs, abilities and circumstances of learners. We can offer customised delivery, which means planning and creating training products and services tailored to the specific requirements of different clients.

Morgan Alexander Consulting offers a 4 day accreditation program designed to equip workers with the skills to give advice and information to those seeking an HIV or hepatitis C antibody test. Please refer to the "HIV & Hepatitis C Test Advisor" link.

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